When you think of ‘retirement’ what exactly comes to your mind? Is retirement a work issue or a financial and investment plan? Many tend to believe that planning for retirement as well as you finances after that are the one and the same thing. But it’s not true. This phase of your life needs a holistic look and an amazing plan. What do you want your life to look like after retirement? What changes you want to anticipate and how will you get the most out of it each and every day? These are some of the important questions you contemplate when you are about to move into the next phase of your life.

Retiring is the biggest transitions in your life. You should be open to embarking upon some new activities in life as you disembark from your career. New activities include starting a new career, becoming an expert at something that you have only dabbled at thus far or starting a new hobby. If you are not doing something new you risk getting old. This is the time to reinvent yourself. Of course your finances will be a top priority, but not at the cost of your mental health.

You can join a gym, not only to get physically fit, but you can also make friends and also participating in self-reinforcing group activities replenishes your mind and soul. Make dates with gym buddies in 55 active senior communities. Keep yourself occupied at all times whichever way possible. Exercising is also associated with better mental and physical health. What are your favourite pastimes? Gardening, crocheting, playing golf or dancing? Whatever it is retirement is the time to pursue you unfulfilled desires. You may have to alter your hobbies to fit your physical abilities, but you can still do things you love to do the most.

Retirement ought to be a happy time. Once you are 65, happiness picks up again. In a recent survey, 48 percent retirees are happy in retirement than expected and only 7 percent are disappointed. Do you know how to follow this blissful pattern? For this, financial security and good health is important. Around 81 percent of retirees cited it as the most important thing for happy retirement life.

Life changes after retirement, it can be both positive and challenging. Researchers have identified that six separate life transitions will affect most of them when they will be in their retirement life. Retirement is not just a one life phase. The greatest change you will notice when you will look each time in the mirror. In 55 adult communities, it’s easy to forget that you are getting older and it is just a physical issue, not a mental one. Realtors in 55newhomes act as a liaison between the buyers and sellers .The realtors provides a long list to the property seekers.

There are lot of things written in books about retirement, but the only book that matters the most is the one that you write yourself about active adult lifestyle. A sense of purpose can add years to your life. According to the research, people who felt that they have a direction or purpose in life outlived those who did not. There are many things we can learn from people who have made a transition in their life they wanted to. Some people say that they are happily retired, while some wouldn’t even admit to being retired at all. The next phase of your life will be about living the life the way you want to. It can be anything like travelling or learning about new things.

Happy retirees know how to value their time and they don’t see it as a burden. Studies have shown that avoiding isolation as people age and maintaining social relationships improves physical and emotional health. Active living communities make it easier to find new friends, time and some new ways to have fun.

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