Retirement like both sides of a coin has two faces; advantages and disadvantages. While there is the joy of freedom, there’s this fear of a lonely pensive life on the hind side. “What should I do now?” “Is this freedom worth it?” “Am I going to be alone?” Many such questions start to cloud your mind and that is the case with many of us. But trust me when I say, this is the phase of life when you want to be happy, just happy; now whatever that means.

Active retirement communities provide the residents with comfort in different styles of luxury resort living. It has endless lists of activities and excursions for the residents. Whether you like golfing, or enjoy hitting the casinos or just relax and painting sunsets, 55+ communities have everything that fits your ideal lifestyle. There is no age cut-off in these communities. Every resident’s home is unique in 55 active adult communities. There are some common elements you should look for which will enhance the enjoyment of living in the house.
Things you need to consider while choosing an active adult community:

    • It should have the option to modify the design like the kitchen cabinets, colours, and floor and window treatments.
    • Decor and accessories should be functional. There should be enough space to move around freely without bumping into elaborate pieces.

There should be a room to place purse, beverage or book on a table or adjacent surface.

  • Get plenty of natural light and also a vivid view of the outdoors and adjacent areas. The place should seem upbeat as depression is not at all welcome here.
  • Monochromatic colours on the floor can be a problem for older eyes and they can potentially cause a misstep. So contrasting colours between floor and chair can be very attractive and help in case of visual impairment.
  • Active adult communities encourage social interactions in the group rooms and lobbies to feed the need for friendly neighbours and associations. These spaces are shared not only by the residents, but also their guests to ensure they provide a comfortable and real sense of community.
  • The residence should have enough space to handle your prized possessions. The home you are living in should be comfortable and familiar to the older people and their friends. Consider small things like certain light fixture or a bedspread can make a lot of difference.


In active adult homes, each common space and residence should contribute a feeling of belonging. The place you are living in should make you feel like ‘home’. The community should provide elements in the whole complex that will capture comfortable and warm touches.

Dining area is the place you will visit often so you should examine the dining area carefully. It should be attractive and flexible enough to accommodate a group of diners or at least dinner for two. The room should be elegant and not so formal but spacious. The chairs should not be too deep for comfort. There should be an outdoor dining that provides heating for fall and early spring. Causal places and a bar is a plus.

A hanging light fixture in the bedroom is needed so that there is a source of light other than nightstand lamps. You also need to see whether there are enough electrical outlets or not on the bed wall so that you can install a reading light on the headboard. Many residents prefer an on-site guest facility so that they can spend some time in the evening. So find a community where it would be fun, easy and safe to camp out.

Other things to consider:

  • Bookcases, high ceilings, natural stone and wood treatments add comfort
  • Fireplaces add coziness and warmth
  • Window should be dramatic and large enough to provide interest and also an abundance of natural light
  • In front of a room there should be conversation spots with room for cards or games
  • Of all the benefits and amenities, on-site medical facilities may not be the most fun thing, but the efficacy and convenience of on-site care is a good example of successful aging and abundant living.

Enjoy a stress free and relaxed life in 55+ communities that offers variety of activities and amenities. The exceptional recreational centers will help you to live life with hobby rooms, state of the art fitness centers, club and events to foster new relationships. So you better gear up. It’s just the beginning.

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