Have you ever stumbled upon an exquisite location and the place is quiet and maintained beautifully? Its facilities and recreational opportunities are just top-notch? You feel good being there and you want to stay there? Generally, you feel this way at some resorts, country clubs, tropical retreats or unique destinations. Builders are now re-creating the country club and resort lifestyles in active adult communities.

Homes in these communities are designed especially for older residents. Small bungalows or living quarters give older people reprieve from climbing stairs. Homes that have second-story lofts or finished basements , offer main level living with the living room, kitchen, master bedroom suite and dining area suite all on the first floor. The overall idea is to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for its senior citizens.

There is a misconception that “active adult communities” is a new phrase for the retired community. But that’s not true. They are different. The basic difference is how residents acquire their new homes. If you are living in a senior community, they purchase the home and take the ownership of it. The retirement communities are either CCRC (continuing care retirement communities) that needs up-front entrance fees apart from monthly fees and also can’t enjoy full ownership of the home. On the other hand, others might be rental. Some may allow the homeowners to purchase the home, but the retirement communities are getting fewer day by day.

Retirement communities offer services which are especially attractive to the adults who no longer want to cook meals, desire a calendar of organized activities and needs housekeeping services. These are large campuses with many condominium buildings and residents. On the other hand, residents in adult communities live their lives the same way they use to live before, just a little better. Owners in these communities live in a beautiful space and perfect for entertaining. They cook meals in the gourmet kitchen and the guests can enjoy in the living rooms. Cooking, gardening, entertainment becomes the various sources of a healthy livelihood at this juncture.

Active adult homes and amenities offer locations near restaurants, theatres, shopping malls. Most of them are gated with 24 hour security that offers peace of mind for the dwellers. Now friends are as important as families, so communities foster a strong social structure with regular events, public areas, clubhouses and pedestrian friendly living. They can also be busy improving tennis games and lowering their golf handicaps. These are more important as they make you physically fit and conscious. This is why 55+ communities offer facilities that you would find in a country club like tennis, golf, pools and basketball courts. They know that the people want low maintenance with endless household chores. Some of the services for residents include dry cleaning, concierge, lawn care, snow removal and handymen.

55+ communities offer all the amenities that a resort offer without travelling, pay for a health club or country club or take care of the pool. You can choose from a number of communities in delightful locations near water, entertainment possibilities, and green spaces. These communities give you the opportunity to have fun, travel, volunteer and make some new friends. You have been working hard, raise your children for many decades and now it’s time to reward yourself with fun, recreation and travel. You can do it in a community that gives the feel of a luxury resort, fun and convenience.

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