Being young at heart gives you the ability to see the humour of life and push fear and try new pursuits. Staying young at heart has a positive effect on your health. This is true at the age of 55 and 18 as well. The 18th birthday generally signifies we are adult legally, but there is no specific birthday that makes you a senior citizen. If you feel young, you are young even at the age of 65. This is why so many active senior communities are popping up across the country.

What do you mean by psychologically young? It is not about cosmetic surgeries, botox injections or wrinkle creams that make you look young. You should have a positive mental attitude, physically active and staying cognitively and having a high quality life. How long you live a good quality life depends on your approach towards life. According to researchers, a controlled diet and regular exercise plays a very important role in deciding your longevity.

The key to psychological health is how you feel inside; age or physical appearance doesn’t matter. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. How you feel inside can affect you how long you live. Most people look to retire early to get done with the rigours and stress of work life. They look to spend more time with family and friends. At the same time, having a job gives you an opportunity to look forward for a better future. When you are a working person the possibilities are endless. This is what eggs you on and makes you want to live longer.

What your retirement holds in store for you?

The 55 best retirement communities are for people who want to downsize into a manageable home. It offers bungalow living and also other accessible living. It allows you to take all types of advantage of newly discovered freedom. These communities offer the very best of retired lifestyle, minus the burdens of life. These communities are now the biggest trend in Florida, because of their appeal. Here you will not only share your passions and interests but will also get exposed to some exciting and new opportunities of aged adult lives and make new acquaintances along the way.

How can active adult communities add to your well being?

These communities offer amenities and services that range from fitness centers restaurant style fine dining, indoor sports complexes, on-site golf courses, a fireside lounge, an indoor or outdoor swimming pool and luxury furnished suites. Your choice can be anything from a boutique style residence in an apartment building to single detached homes.

It has lots of appealing features and some of the homebuyers might not be comfortable with its limitations of age restricted development. Some of the communities are now embracing some core elements like low maintenance homes and impressive amenities and still open to all ages.

The developments that cater to adult lifestyle without any age restriction are described as the age targeted communities. These may design the clubhouses, homes and other amenities with keeping older homebuyers in mind. Other open age communities are designed with options for young families as well as older residents.

Adult active communities offer well designed and attractive construction options for every budget that include:

  • Townhomes
  • Single family homes
  • Manufactured homes
  • Condominiums
  • Custom built homes

There are different terms that are used synonymously to describe this type of living. For example, active adult lifestyle, adult retirement, 55 plus, active lifestyle and many more names. These also refer to communities that appeal to people who are above the age of 55, retired and done raising their children.

There’s always something to look forward to:

The most important advantage some of the adult residents mention of 55+ communities is the amicable atmosphere. Residents spend time with friends and family, travelling, volunteering and do things they enjoy to lead a healthier and joyful life. Social interaction is also a very important component of staying healthy. When you are surrounded by friends you don’t feel lonely and without you realising, the world is a much better place even though you are in the twilight of your life.

Moving into active adult homes makes life easier and safer than it used to be. Some of them offer onsite security as well that keeps the residents safe and gives peace of mind. It makes living easier through convenient services like housekeeping, personal laundry services, and general maintenance. It provides an endless number of activities so that you can stay healthy and be in a good shape.

But above all, what active adult communities provide is a new ‘Hope’; the hope of starting afresh. You can well retire from the burdens of life but you will never retire from the joys that life can bring. Some say life is short and we should enjoy and cherish all the little moments of it as they come along. But and joy and sorrow are both part and parcel of life and you got to embrace both with grace. Life becomes much smoother that way because there’s always something to look forward to.

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