Many baby boomers who have reached the retirement age often think they do not have anything exciting left for them anymore. This is because they are not aware of the perks of being 55+. Once they know about the benefits of being over 55, they will not feel dejected. Once you are 55+, you are eligible for discounts at various services. Availing these discounts is not something to feel embarrassed about. These discounts are your rights and you should proudly avail them. Take the advantage of the perks of being 55+ and enjoy some of the following discounts:

  • Dining Discounts: Most of the restaurants offer dining discounts for seniors. The discount could be offered for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Every restaurant has its own way of offering senior discounts. Some of them may have discounted menu for seniors, some may have it on certain days or some may have it on drinks.
  • Airline Discounts: Most of the airlines offer senior discounts on both domestic and international flights. You can check with the specific airline and take advantage of the senior discounts. Some of the airlines also assist with the luggage and let you board the flight first.
  • Entertainment Discounts: Seniors get discounts on various movies, golf courses, gym memberships, museums etc. You can check with these places by calling them and discounts. You can get the list of all the discounts for seniors by calling one of the senior resource center and avail the maximum discounts.
  • Groceries Discounts: Many grocery stores offer around 20% discount to seniors. Some of them also have an additional discount on certain items for seniors. You can check with your grocery store and take the advantage of these discounts.
  • Education Discounts: There are certain universities and colleges that offer free or discounted education for seniors. If you want to go back to school for studying, you can avail the discount and do your education.

Turning over 55 is no more boring and reason to feel sad about. It is time to enjoy the perks of being over 55 and start living life again. Turning 55+ is more fun than being below 55. Enjoy the perks and start new life at 55.

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