Usually with the word “retirement” comes the thought that you are done with all the work in the life and it is time for you to just relax at home. But what if you get the chance to change the perception? What if you get a chance to give a new meaning to the word “retirement”? What if the word retirement starts to mean “new beginning”?

Exactly! Retirement can become your new beginning the moment you enter the retirement home. Once you retire, you retire from the work that you have been doing to earn money and run families. Once you are in retirement home, you can work for fun, work on something that you love, work that makes you happy.

As a part of 55+ community, you can do several side gigs that will keep you active. “Gig” is what we call as new aged side work or event. There are various side gigs available for 55+ community. Before you step into any one of the gigs, you need to know what and how to enter.

How to start the side gig?

Before you start, you need to consider if you are going to do it voluntarily or want to start your own business. If you are interested in starting off as a business, you will have to advertise your services that you will offer such as babysitting, pet sitting or even driving lessons. Once you advertise, you will be solely responsible for your own business.

Once you are the sole owner, you will be doing the taxes every year. The income and expenses from the business are included on the personal income tax return. Running your own business is preferred since you will be responsible for the losses and the profits made by the business. Running own business can also be a downfall since you will be the only one responsible to run and manage everything on your own.

Once you know what you have to do, you are all set to start the side gig after your retirement.

What side gigs can be started?

There are various side gigs that can be started depending on the interests. Evaluate your skillset and also something that makes you happy.

For instance, if you love pets and being with them makes you happy, consider being a pet sitter, if you love surrounded by kids, become a baby sitter, if you have desire to teach, start tutoring students or if driving has been your passion and you still want to drive cars, become a driver.

Make sure that whatever gig you start, you have to be passionate about it and know everything about it. If you are babysitting, consider knowing CPR skills, different ideas to make baby happy; if you are tutor, learn new and fun ways of making students teach and understand and so on.

Once you know what you have to do, you are all set to start earning even after you retire. It’s time to enjoy retirement with side gigs that make you happy and helps you to be active. It is time to say “Retirement is a new beginning.”

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