Life after retirement will be what you want it to be. It’s like wet clay – you can give it whatever shape you like and it moulds into it. You have all the freedom to shape your future, but with that come some responsibility as well. No one can tell you how to get the best after 55. It’s upon you to decide which people you want in your life, which places to visit and which passions to pursue. When you are dealing with these situations, and much of these decisions and choices are made easier when you live among people who have already embarked upon such a journey.

In 55+communities you can go out and meet interesting people. After working for decades, learn to renew, inspire, explore, relax and travel. Embrace your life with creativity, passion and energy. When you retire, you will suddenly have 52 weeks of unoccupied time. You can move to a different community, start a new hobby and make new friends. A lot of change can happen all at once. In the active adult community, you will never get bored. Most people do not have the farsightedness to see life after retirement. So finally when the day comes they are actually not prepared. They don’t know what to do and how to get by the days. It becomes specially difficult for workaholics who have devoted much of their life working.

Ways to get more from life after retirement:

  • Pursue your hobbies and unfulfilled dreams
  • Go for lunches with friends and family
  • Enjoy coffee, painting and crafts
  • Go out with your grandchildren
  • Cook and craft
  • Hang out at the library
  • Meet new people, see new places and learn new things
  • Go to the gym
  • May be watch a good old movie
  • Read books and write down your experiences of life

But the bottom line is living your life every day as if it’s an adventure. It is all about enjoying the moment and bask in the essence of life.

Many people at the later stages of their life feel unsecured. Either it’s the fear of loneliness or health issues, one way or the other things don’t seem good. If you understand the basic principles of life you will be happy. Here are 10 things to make your life after retirement pleasant.

1. Never say you are old. There are 3 ages- biological, chronological and psychological. The first one is determined by health conditions, second one is calculated based on the date of birth and the third one is how you feel. You cannot control the first one, but you take care of your health with exercise, and a good diet. If you have optimistic thinking and a positive attitude you can reverse the third age.

2. The most recreating and relaxing forces are healthy religious attitude, music, laughter and good sleep. Love good music, learn to sleep well and see the funny side of life.

3. If you really love yourself, taking care of health should be your first priority. Go for an annual health check up and take medicines regularly as prescribed and also take health insurance cover.

4. Time is precious. Imagine that you are born every day. Yesterday is like a cancelled cheque, tomorrow is the promissory note and today is ready cash, so use it profitably and live the moment.

5. Money is very important to fulfil the basic necessities of life, earning security and respect and keeping good health. It is now time to enjoy your harmonious life with your spouse.

6. Change is the permanent thing. It is inevitable and you should accept change. Change can bring many pleasant things and make your life wonderful.

7. Everything has a purpose. Accept yourself and be proud of what you are and also accept the way others are. Everybody is right and unique in his own way.

8. All are selfish. Whatever we do, we always expect to get something in return. You should appreciate and be grateful to those who were by your side. You should be happy and satisfied by doing well to others and not expecting anything in return.

9. Don’t focus too much on other’s mistakes. Let’s forgive and forget others for the sake of your own happiness and health otherwise you will increase your blood pressure with any reason.

10. We have to leave this world one day and we know that, but still afraid of death. You may think that your children and spouse will be unable to withstand your loss. May be they will be depressed for sometime but time heals everything.

Being open to new experiences can help you to adapt to change so try something new every week. It can be a new culinary experience, watch movies or a new hobby. You never know what experience lay ahead of you.

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